Lili Reinhart

Lili Pauline Reinhart born on September 13th, 1996 is an American actress from Cleveland, Ohio. She is living in the States now and she is 23 years old also she is 1.68 meters tall which is 5.5 feet. Lili never went to college or any schools for acting because she hated school, and only took some acting courses when she auditioned for Riverdale. But she did finish High School. She is pretty much a natural talent. Despite the talent, she struggled with depression but as she said “Riverdale” came in right time because she was in a very bad spot. She is mostly known for playing Betty Cooper in the teen drama series called “Riverdale”.

Not just Riverdale

She had some previous success with some small and short movies but the greatest success for her was “Riverdale”. That’s when she got the fame. Here is a list of some movies that she was starring in: “For Today”, “The Most Girl Part of You”, “Lilith”, “Not Waving but Drowning”, “The Kings of Summer”, “The First Hope”, “Gibsonburg”, “Forever’s End”, “Miss Stevens”, “The Good Neighbor”, “Galveston”, and “Hustlers”. Besides the movies she was also featured in some TV series like “Law and Order”, “Surviving Jack”, “Scientastic” and of course “Riverdale”. She also has sang some “Riverdale” songs along with her colleagues.


Lili Reinhart has been nominated a bunch of times and has won 3 nominees and those are all with “Riverdale” in 2017, 2018 and 2019 she won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Ship, Choice TV Actress: Drama, Choice: Liplock and Choice: Breakout TV Star. Also she has nominees for a Storyteller of the Year in 2019, A best performance by a Younger Actor in a Television Series in 2018 and a Breakthrough Performance Award for The Jack Nance in 2013 for the movie “The First Hope”.

Lili Reinhart’s Boyfriend

All in all she is a great actress that has contributed a lot in the filming industry. Her parents support her maximum in what she is doing, also her boyfriend Cole Sprouse is someone who is very important in her life, they have been together for over 2 years. They are starring together in “Riverdale” and they began dating in 2017. She now has a good, healthy relationship and we believe that the problem with her depression is gone.

Lili Reinhart Net Worth

Lastly, let’s see how much money Lili is making. It is said that she earns $300.000 for playing Betty Cooper in “Riverdale”. This allows us to estimate her net worth to be about $2 million

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